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When you book in for your first consultation, we will send you a link to our detailed pre-consultation form approximately a week before your consultation so that we have a full overview of your skin before we e-meet with you.

Your Consultation With A Nerdette

Your consultation will be carried out through WhatsApp or Skype - whichever you prefer. Your initial consultation will have a duration of around 30 minutes.

After Your Initial Consultation

You are officially a member of the Nerd Network! You will be sent your nerdie homework sheet, explaining how and when to use your recommended, results-driven products, which will be pinned to the home page of your The Skin Nerd store account so that you can add them to your cart easily. You will gain first access to The Skin Nerd podcast, exclusive Nerd Network events and our secret Facebook page, as well as webinars, discounts, offers and more.

Please read our consultation criteria before booking in for your consultation!

Our Criteria

Do you prefer the traditional way? Book by phone now!

Our customer care and booking line is open from 8am to 4pm (GMT +1) from Monday to Friday.

+353 1 5649362

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The Skin Nerd Philosophy

The skin is an organ,
respect it accordingly!

Our Philosophy

The skin is an organ – respect it accordingly…That is our philosophy here at The Skin Nerd. Our online consultation process allows us to evaluate your skin, past, present and future, to come up with a tailor-made and accessible plan of action for you. We operate on a 360˚ approach, meaning that the products we recommend will assist your skin from the inside (nutritional supplements), on the outside (cosmeceutical and cosmetic skincare) and on top (mineral makeup).

Our Recommendations

We are non-biased, in that our product selection comes from 20+ specially-selected brands that we have trained in and know like the back of our soft, supple hands. Our online department store stocks brands, both cosmeceutical and cosmetic, that are rarely seen together so that you can be prescribed what is truly best for your skin.

The Nerd Network

The Nerd Network is our client-only community. As a member of the Nerd Network, you gain access to our exclusive Nerd Network Facebook group and our bi-monthly skinformative Nerd Network Newsletter, as well as podcasts and webinars (coming soon). You will also receive invites to events hosted just for you as well as deals, offers and nerdie news before anything else.

When you book your consultation, you can create an account on The Skin Nerd store using the same email that you signed up with so that you will be able to purchase a selection of “no consult needed” products like shower gels, body lotions and SPFs.

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Our Waiting List

If you cannot find an appointment slot that suits you, you can always sign up to our consult waiting list. Please note that any consultations available on our calendar are our earliest available consultations!