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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Let's get you an answer!


The Nerd Network is our global community of The Skin Nerd clients. Once you have booked in, you are officially a member of the Nerd Network! 

Being an active member of the Nerd Network entitles you to access to our exclusive Facebook page and newsletter, blog posts, webinars, podcasts as well as special offers and invites to client-only events. You can also have a follow-up consultation whenever you like, just pop down a €25 deposit that is returned to you in the form of a store voucher! 

There are Nerd Network Facebook Live Q&As too, and as a Nerd Networker, you can contact us with any questions you may have, whenever you need to. 

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Joining the Nerd Network and having your initial online skin consultation costs €50.00. Any products you are recommended by your Nerd or Nerdette are not included in your initial payment. 

We genuinely feel that being in the Nerd Network means support, advice and guidance on a level that you don't often see with any other skin services, and because we're online, you can speak to us from wherever you're most comfy. 

You can find all of the products recommended by your Nerd or Nerdette plus your homework sheet, skin diary and the Nerd Network blog in your Nerd Network Hub

(Psst... If you're not yet in the Nerd Network, you won't see the Nerd Network Hub if you click the link - sorry!) 

All of our consultations are online! Trust us – we know the right questions to ask.

Our online consultations are just as effective at figuring out what your skin needs as a consultation in person would be because we ask all the right questions… And you send pictures for us to examine in advance through our pre-consultation form.

After all, your skin can’t talk but you can!

Bridal Bootcamp is a package that includes one initial online skin consultation of 30 minutes, plus 3 shorter follow-up consultations, as well as an online pre-wedding meal plan, nutritional advice, deals and discounts with our partners and much more. 

Best of all? Our Bridal Nerdette, Lisa, has just been a bride herself so she knows the trials of tribulations of getting ready for your big day better than anyone. 

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Teen Consults are just like regular consults except a little bit moodier. We joke, we joke. Teen Consults are the same concept as your usual Nerd Network membership except at a more teen-friendly price and geared towards establishing great skin habits for life. 

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Yes, you absolutely can! Our Pregnancy Nerdette knows all about what can and can't be used during pregnancy and the changes your skin may go through - she has minis herself. 

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After you book in for your consultation, we’ll send you your official “Welcome to the Nerd Network” email and, hopefully, you’ll be filled with joy. In this, you will find the link to the secret Nerd Network Facebook group.

All you have to do is click the button to request to join and enter the email that you used to book your consultation with and we will let you in within a few days. If, for some reason, you do not receive the email or have lost it in your inbox, you can search “TSN Nerd Network” on Facebook.


Do you have skin? Then yes. We give consultations to any and all, as long as they are human.  

(To any dogs reading this, we're sorry.) 

Simple! All you need to do is head over to our online booking calendar and choose a date and time that suits you and the system will take it from there.

We will send you a reminder to fill out your pre-consultation form a week prior to when your consultation is due to occur that you will need to complete and attach multiple, makeup-free photos to. We got you.

Once you have purchased your Bridal Bootcamp package, you may ask "well, how do I book in?". We will send you an email with your codes to book in for each of your Bridal consultations and from there you can book in for your first Bridal consultation. 

You absolutely can! In fact, there are very few reasons as to why you couldn’t have a consultation.

We stock many different ranges and brands so that we can cater to all, vegan, vegetarian, pregnant or allergic to something.

If you are at all worried that we won’t have something for you due to a specific allergy or irritation, pop us an email at

Initial consultations have a duration of 30 minutes. Sometimes they’ll be a few minutes longer or a few minutes shorter, depending on your specific concerns and how many questions you have.

Our follow-up consultations are about 10 to 15 minutes in length. 

We hired a team of skin Nerds & Nerdettes so that Jennifer could focus on navigating the good ship Nerd.

Our Nerdettes update their knowledge incredibly frequently and they were specially chosen out of thousands of applicants and trained by Jennifer herself because they have the same philosophies… And a wealth of experience too.

Follow-up or repeat consultations are any consultation that you have with us after your initial consultation. So long as you are a member of the Nerd Network, you can have as many follow-ups as you like.

There is a €25 deposit that will be returned to you in the form of an individualised voucher code for The Skin Nerd store when you have had your follow-up consultation.

If you are a member of the Nerd Network, you can book your follow-up consultation through your Nerd Network Hub

Once you’ve booked it and filled out your pre-consultation form, which is sent to you by email 7 days before your consultation, you’re ready to go.

Yasssss! Grab your Nerd Network membership here, which is emailed 

The e-voucher contains a code that the recipient uses when booking in for their consultation themselves. Don’t worry about remembering this – we send out a link for our “How To” voucher page in your confirmation email.

If you want to go the extra mile and get them a voucher for our online store, you can contact us about this at!