Your Own Personalised Online Skin Consultation

We offer an expert personalised 360-degree approach to skin health; remember a thorough consult is key!

30 minutes @ €50.00


Fuel the Skin

Fuel the skin from within with essential nutrients and vitamins. Feed the roots of your skin.


Skin Diet =

View your daily regime as your skins balanced 'diet' - pump it with results driven Skingredients™ and let the health shine out


Be you - Always

That will shine through more than any luminescent highlighter ever could

The 3 Core Philosophies of The Skin Nerd®

The skin is an organ – respect it accordingly

A 360° approach to skin: inside (vitamins), outside (skincare), on top (mineral makeup/spf)

A thorough consult is the key to skin health

Stay Skinformed

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January 12, 2018

Is Micellar Water Beneficial To The Skin?

Ahhhh, micellar water - or micellaire, as it is alternatively spelled. Micellar water burst onto the scene a few years ago like the hottest young starlet in every Oscar-nominated movie…
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Exercise And The Skin: Is Exercise Wholly Good For The Skin?

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New Year, New Skin: Easy-Peasy Skin Resolutions

It's not QUITE the time to start cracking on with resolutions... please don't make me change just yet, I'm too busy having fun! It is time to at least start…


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