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At The Skin Nerd, we offer online skin consultations to help guide you to optimal skin health and address skin concerns such as ageing, dullness, redness, congestion and more. To us, results-driven skincare needs guidance and we think that having your products delivered to your door makes it all a little bit easier.

Our philosophy is that the skin is an organ and should be respected accordingly with a bespoke skincare regime that follows a 360˚ approach - inside (supplements), outside (cosmetic and cosmeceutical skincare) and on top (SPF and mineral makeup).


Getting Nerdie

Our consultations are carried out online through the magical powers of FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype. This means that we can consult people across the globe and we already have! We've had clients from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

We ship our products worldwide too so you won't be travelling cross-country to find a stockist.


Our Store

We stock over 20 brands on our client-exclusive store, from cosmeceutical brands created by renowned medical professionals to formulations inspired by ayurveda.

You can order every single step of your routine from our online store. We even stock shampoo!


Do you prefer the traditional way? Book by phone now!

Our customer care and booking line is open from 8am to 4pm (GMT +1) from Monday to Friday.

+353 1 5649362

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Our Online Skincare Department Store

Our online skincare department store is exclusive to our clients and stocks over 20 brands, both cosmetic and cosmeceutical.

This store isn’t just for the basics. We’ve got cleansers, serums, moisturisers, spot treatments, sunscreens, masks, eye creams, food intolerance tests, supplements, hair care products, body care products and more. It’s a one-stop skincare shop!

When you join the Nerd Network, your recommended active products will be pinned to your homepage in our store for you to find easily. Products that do not require guidance, such as mineral makeup or body care products, are available to you openly on the store to choose from as you please.

We stock brands like Yon-ka Paris, Murad, Neostrata, Environ, Cleanse Off Mitt, Advanced Nutrition Programme, IMAGE Skincare, Bellápierre, Jane Iredale, Urban Veda and a whole host of others.

IMAGE Skincare

The 3 Core Philosophies of The Skin Nerd®

The skin is an organ – respect it accordingly

A 360° approach to skin: inside (supplements and nutrition), outside (topical skincare), on top (mineral makeup & SPF)

A thorough consult is the key to skin health


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