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Fuel the Skin

Fuel the skin from within with essential nutrients and vitamins. Feed the roots of your skin.


Skin Diet =

View your daily regime as your skins balanced 'diet' - pump it with results driven Skingredients™ and let the health shine out


Be you - Always

That will shine through more than any luminescent highlighter ever could

The 3 Core Philosophies of The Skin Nerd®

The skin is an organ – respect it accordingly

A 360° approach to skin: inside (vitamins), outside (skincare), on top (mineral makeup/spf)

A thorough consult is the key to skin health

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Skin news

is fake tan bad for skin Mythbusting
April 20, 2018

Going For Bronze: Is Fake Tan Bad For The Skin?

I love a good fake tan. After a lick of the legs with the golden nectar of the Gods, I feel like a superstar… or even a ROCKstar. Sorry, that…
cystic acne vs acne Acne
April 13, 2018

Cysta, Cysta: Cystic Acne Vs. Other Grades of Acne

Controversial opinion: cystic acne may be one of the most incorrectly self-diagnosed skin conditions in the world for a number of reasons. This may be the one of the reasons…
skin stretch marks Skin Conditions
March 23, 2018

Stretch Marks: Minimising The Tiger Stripes

Stretch marks are sometimes treated like a dirty secret in society – the reality is that the vast majority of people (especially women) have stretch marks at least somewhere on…


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