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IMAGE Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel

IMAGE Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel


A super-hydrating, anti-aging eye gel with a blend of nourishing antioxidants and peptides that reduces the appearances of fine lines and diminishes dark circles. Paraben free.

Jenn's Nerdie Bit 

The Vital C Eye Gel contains vitamin C and a polypeptide complex that will tighten and plump up the under-eye area and the brow. It also contains Haloyxl, a patented ingredient which can reduce dark circles by 19% so it tackles ALL your under-eye concerns. 

Apply a rice grain of eye cream between both eye areas, under the eyes and across the brow bone. Avoid the actual eyeball! 

This eye gel can be used morning and night and will last you around 12 weeks. 

vegan-friendly Vegan-friendly