cleanse off mitt

The Cleanse Off Mitt® was invented to provide an eco-friendly and skin-respectful alternative to the evil villain that is the facial wipe. After two years of research, Jennifer Rock, AKA The Skin Nerd, found the perfect hero for the battle against wipes.

With the use of fibres 30 times thinner than cotton fibres, Jennifer created a make-up removing mitt that is covered in tiny loops. The loops break the surface tension that bind oil and makeup to the skin’s surface, hooking the oil and removing the debris.

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Get your mitts on the Cleanse Off Mitt®

Say bye-bye to face wipes

The Cleanse Off Mitt® is respectful to the skin as it doesn’t contain harsh drying alcohols, preservatives and fragrances like wipes do.

Ideal for pre-cleansing

Remove your makeup with the Cleanse Off Mitt® and follow it up with a traditional cleanser for a thorough clean.

Just add water

Wet the Cleanse Off Mitt® and it can even remove waterproof mascara.

Perfect for on the go

The Cleanse Off Mitt® is the best travel and gym COMpanion

For all skin types, genders and ages

The Cleanse Off Mitt® is ideal for everyone, including those with skin conditions.


The Cleanse Off Mitt® is reusable, machine-washable and doesn’t create waste in the form of used wipes, cotton pads or cotton wool.

The Cleanse Off Mitt® is the skin-friendly wipes alternative of your dreams…

This product-free, chemical-free mitt is perfect for everyday use and fantastic for travel – nobody likes carrying around more than they have to! The Cleanse Off Mitt® is lightweight and reusable: all you have to do is give it a quick wash with antibacterial soap and hang it up to dry by its loop or chuck it in the washing machine in a wash below 30 degrees.

The Cleanse Off Mitt® revolutionises cleansing; pop it into your gym bag for a speedy pre-work-out makeup removal, use it before a traditional facial cleanser to wipe away the grime from your day or keep it in your drawer at work to clear any midday oil slicks. The Cleanse Off Mitt® is available for purchase as a single mitt, in a weekend pack of 3 or in a full week pack of 7 (RRP €5.95 for single mitt).

They’re also available for purchase through The Skin Nerd online store.

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