Ultherapy: What It Is And How It Makes You Look Years Younger

By November 30, 2017Treatments
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It is fair to say that everyone and their uncle wants younger-looking skin. Since the dawn of time, people have been putting anything and everything on to their face in an effort to turn back the hands of time and look 17 again. Cleopatra bathed in milk, the Greeks rubbed themselves with snail goo (as have I, to be frank), and Geishas massaged salt on to themselves in the bath. We now know that although these techniques do have beneficial elements to them, there are much more effective routes to get your skin plump, de-wrinkled and all firmed up.

The difficult thing is that some of these non-surgical options are daunting and not necessarily the best for your skin. Many turn to botox, and although it is highly effective in the short term, it completely paralyses the targeted area and it is the introduction of a toxin in to your body. This is where treatments like Ultherapy come in. They provide similar results to botox without the needles or the deep freeze effect… Laughter lines are there to prove that you’re living your life to the fullest after all!

“Jennifer is my ideal patient.  She wants to look her natural best.  Ultherapy is my number one treatment for that.” – Dr. Orla Grimes, national field clinical specialist of Ultherapy and specialist in Medical Aesthetics at The Beacon Face and Dermatology Clinic

Ultherapy: What It Is

Ultherapy is something called MFU-V AKA micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation… a bit of a mouthful, true, but so worth bothering to say the whole thing. Due to its high frequency, it can be focused down to a tiny area. This is ideal for targeting specific areas of the face. When an ultrasound source has a high enough frequency, it can successfully bring up the temperature of the area that the ultrasound is focused on, and heats the tissue at different depths. Due to this, the proteins within the skin will change shape, triggering the healing process. This is what makes Ultherapy the key for lax, sagging skin. These tissues are a major part of the structure of the skin, they are part of its foundations in a way – if your foundations start to slacken, you’ll notice the results on the rest of the house! The “visualisation” aspect of MFU-V is what makes Ultherapy unique, as it means that the doctor, nurse or technician can see exactly which area they are targeting within the skin.

ultherapy youngerMoiself and Dr. Orla Grimes, Ireland’s leading specialist in Ultherapy

Micro-focused ultrasound treatments like Ultherapy can directly target something called the facial superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), the structure that links together your facial muscles and the dermis. Due to the preciseness of the energy, this can be done without causing harm to the epidermis, passing straight through it without a bother. What it does is create the effect of injury within the skin, which in turn encourages it to start the healing process, thus stimulating the production of the two things you need for plump, fresh, baby-bottom skin: collagen and elastin. Collagen is the protein that makes the skin strong and firm, and our natural reservoir of it begins to deplete as we get older. Elastin, as you may guess from the name, makes the skin more elastic, allowing it to snap back.

What Ultherapy Is For

ultherapy younger

It lifts the skin, meaning it is ideal for those whose skin has started to sag and is becoming slack. This isn’t restricted to only the face – it can also be used on the neck (for the “turkey neck” effect that is so common in mature skin) and the décolletage.

Ultherapy And Its Effectiveness

How effective is it? Fairly feckin’ effective, in my opinion. I had the treatment done about a month ago by Dr. Orla Grimes herself and it is like the skin has done a HIIT workout. I’ve been in meetings and have had to hold my fingers into some areas as it feels like a deep muscle throb… Thankfully, I am in the type of industry where I can wholeheartedly admit to having had it done without people thinking I’m bananas. I’ve noticed a big difference to how taut my skin feels and my regular makeup artist has commented on the tone and texture of my skin, particularly with regard to my jawline and my cheeks. I will be talking about it extensively on Ireland AM in January, so I hope you can be patient – this is because to see full results, you have to wait for about three or four months. Is it a bit of a wait compared to other treatments? Yes. However, as I said, I’m already seeing results only a month in.

What Ultherapy Is Like To Have Done

The discomfort is bearable – however, I felt a lot of heat in the area being treated. It depends on where you’re getting done but the face and neck procedure would usually take between 60 to 90 minutes, a chest treatment would take around 30 minutes and the lips and eyes would take only around 20 minutes.

The After Effects Of Ultherapy

First things first, ultherapy requires no downtime. You should be able to unpause your life as soon as you step foot out of the clinic. There will be some redness, as is to be expected, and perhaps some mild swelling or tenderness but it can differ from person to person. Also, there is my own reported side effect of random facial muscle pain that can occur wherever, whenever, in the words of Shakira.

The Nerdie Verdict On Ultherapy

Ultherapy comes out superior to other treatments because…

  • It gets deeper than any other technology
  • It reaches the SMAS
  • As it is targeted to a precise area, it does not inflict trauma across a large area of the skin
  • Rather than causing continuous trauma to the skin, it targets and then releases repeatedly

I am still not at the three or four month mark, but I am impressed by my results so far! I’m looking forward to seeing what the final effect is if these results at the half-way point are this impressive. It seems to be a fab option for those looking for a bit of a lift without going under the knife but only time will truly tell. Make sure to keep an eye on social media for when I will be speaking about the treatment and my results from it in full on Ireland AM!

Many thanks to Dr. Orla Grimes at The Beacon Face and Dermatology, she is incredibly skilled and was kind enough to provide information for this article. If you’re thinking about having Ultherapy done, I highly recommend Dr. Grimes. She is the national specialist in the treatment, and I feel that that speaks for itself.


  • Abigail says:

    Hi Jenn, that’s sounds amazing. Thank you for the information. How do you think the results compare to micro needling? I’m sure the lack of down time is a very attractive reason to choose this therapy but do both treatments produce similar results in your opinion?
    Thank you 😊

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Abigail – apologies for the delay in responding!! Ultherapy gets very, very deep and thus can lift whereas microneedling cannot to the same extent x

  • Kayla says:

    I didn’t know that Ultherapy is something called MFU-V AKA micro-focused ultrasound with visualization. My aunt wants her laugh-lines to be less visible. My mom suggested trying Ultherapy and shared this article with her. It says that ultherapy requires no downtime.

  • Nicola says:

    I am a tech in Toronto and I have just started using this device..how have you found the results?