teen online skin consultations

Teen Online Skin Consultations

The aim of teen online skin consultations is to get real skin results for those who need more confidence than all the other hoomans out there.

With a range of more affordable products from brands such as Caudalíe, Youth Lab, Dermalogica Clear Start and Avène (coming soon), our teen consultations are pocket-friendly at €25, and geared towards getting the best products onto the skin whilst working with your budget. We believe that the teen years are the time to foster great skin habits.

Friendly, fun, highly-trained skin experts

Our skin consultants don’t look a day over 16 but they have years, if not decades, of experience in the skincare industry. We pride ourselves on being hooman and you hear just as much laughter in Nerd HQ as you do excellent skin advice. We have all been teens, and most of us still are on the inside. 

Teen days for friendly advice in the flesh

We will be hosting teen days for those who have booked in for teen online skin consultations including demos of how to use mineral makeup, how to shave in a skin-safe manner and how to squeeze spots when you really, really cannot resist. 

There will also be skincare audits so that we can tell you which products aren’t doing any good and which you should refrain from throwing out in frustration!

Skin guidance for life

Once you have booked in, you become a member of the Nerd Network and can book in for follow-up consultations by placing a €25 deposit that is returned to you after your consultation in the form of credit on The Skin Nerd store.

As a member of the Nerd Network, you gain access to your recommended active products on The Skin Nerd store, exclusive blog posts and content, and guidance when you need it.

Teen online skin consultations are only €25, 20 minutes in length and are available to those between the ages of 12 – 19 inclusive. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the entire process, from booking in through to all communication with Team Nerd, so please enter the email address and contact details of an adult when booking in!

We now have a GP with a special interest in Dermatology within our nerdie ranks, available via referral, so in the circumstances of topical skincare not working out on it’s own, all is not lost.

Please read our criteria before booking in.

Our criteria