Aniela Korabinska

Semi Permanent Make-Up Artist

Aniela has been performing Semi Permanent Makeup for the last 12 years in Dublin. Originally from Scotland, she was swept of her feet by an Irish man, landed here in 2004 and has been doing eyebrows ever since. She has trained all over the world and continues to do so, to stay at the top of the brow game. Continuous training is key in this industry and she takes pride in training with some of the best artists around the world. Aniela (Eyebrow Recovery) is based in Harold’s Cross (Dublin) and in Carlow; Aniela also treats patients in-house at St James Hospital, Dublin.


Skinspiration Articles

microblading embroidery

Semi Permanent Makeup, Microblading and Embroidery: What Does It All Mean?

| Aniela Korabinska | 4 Comments
There are many different terms being used in today’s industry: eyebrow embroidery, micro-pigmentation, permanent cosmetics, microblading, semi permanent makeup. How are they different? Is one better than the other? Is…

Restoring Eyebrows

| Aniela Korabinska, Beauty, Skinformation | No Comments
Through my work as a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist (I have done well over 10,000 procedures at this stage!), I have seen everything you can imagine. But one of the…