Katrina Kelly

Hair Expert

Katrina worked in the renowned award-winning salon Cats Hair Group at the Westbury Hotel under the amazing duo Ian Brady and Anthony Murray, two absolute legends of Irish hairdressing. When Katrina moved down to the Crow Street with Anthony she met the incredibly talented Brenda Cook who taught her to never be afraid of being busy. Katrina qualified in 2000 and moved to Spain for a change of scenery and to spread those wings. When she returned, she found that hairdressing was calling her back.

Katrina’s dream had always been to open her own salon, and in 2002 that dream became a reality when K2hair Glasnevin Avenue was born. Katrina has competed in as many competitions as possible in order to keep on learning and constantly stay at the forefront of what was happening in the industry.

In 2009 Katrina was selected to be part of Team Ireland where she competed in Paris, Oslo and Germany. What an incredible experience, learning and working with the best! Katrina was also an integral part of the Irish Hair Federation, which found to be very informative and helpful.

Katrina’s continued drive and dedication saw her crowned IHF Up Styling champion two years in a row. Katrina then went on to win the Fantastic Hair Awards in categories Colour and Fantasy, proving Katrina as a talented all-round hair stylist.

In 2013 Katrina and her team launched their second salon K2 Hair Cabra. In the same year Push Makeup by Katrina Kelly was also born. Katrina believes hair and makeup go together hand in hand and that the care of your skin and scalp are paramount when talking about hair and makeup.