John O’Shea

Medical Doctor

John is an Irish doctor who studied medicine in UCD for six years before specialising in cosmetic dermatology and urgent care medicine, working in several clinics in Dublin for the next seven years. In his clinical practice he used to see many patients with skin conditions such as eczema (or dermatitis as some people call it), psoriasis and others that caused severe itch. However, the options for giving rapid relief to people with dry, itchy, sensitive skin were very limited. Antihistamines gave little relief to the itch while other creams take days and weeks to provide ongoing itch relief rather than in a couple of minutes which is what people so desperately need.

Later, he moved to Singapore to build experience in the healthcare sector. In 2013, he was introduced to a research-focused dermatologist, Dr Tey Hong Liang, who after working in USA, UK and Singapore had developed a cream to relieve itch for people with sensitive skin. John quickly realised the value of his solution to all the patients he had met back home in Ireland. Dr Tey and John spent the next year further improving the formulation of his cream, and so Suu Balm was born, the first rapid itch relief moisturising cream based on advanced medical knowledge being applied to the unmet health needs of everyday people. Suu Balm is now available to Irish patients in pharmacies and retailers nationwide.


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