Scary Skincare: PDO Thread Lift, Ionzyme DF Facial and Universal Contour Wrap

spooky skincare

In this article, I’m looking at a few more of the most nerve-wracking, creepy and just plain odd skincare treatments available for skincare clients across the world, in honour of the haunted holiday season. Honestly, there are so many out there that make peoples’ eyes pop when I speak about them, it was hard to narrow down a list of the absolute best, creepiest and slightly disgusting ones.

The PDO Thread Lift

The PDO Thread Lift is a non-surgical, skin lifting procedure. Why is it so creepy? Well, the threads aren’t ran across the skin, like in the hair removal technique… they’re put INTO the skin.

What is the PDO thread lift?

Mini-threads made of polydioxanone (PDO for short), a bio-degradable synthetic polymer, inside tiny needles, are inserted directly into areas of the skin that could use a lift; ie. the jawline, under the eyes. When the needles are taken out, the threads are left inside the skin. So, in essence, you become a human ragdoll, at the hand of a magical seamster.

It may sound a bit less than hygienic but I can assure you it is not. The specialist threads dissolve in about 6 to 8 months so you are not left stitched up forever!!

Rating – 18+

So I have two videos to come: 1st is on PDO Threads and the 2nd is PRP. 2 part series! Stay tuned for that over the weekend

Ok so be warned there are needles – several inserted visibly under the surface of my skin.

Please note I have had PRP immediately prior so am puffy and there are slight blemishes on my skin not related to the threads

I also did an IMAGE peel earlier in the week with Glycolic so my skin is ‘purging’ meaning all my underlying congestion was purposely brought up and out ( there is a method in my madness!) Excuse the congestion

I am naked ( as in makeup free) So don’t judge!

Please do not watch if you have an issue with any of the above!

What are PDO threads?

There are 2 types

1. Stimulate collagen solely ( what I had done under the eye)

2. A lifting version which literally PULL the skin and manipulate it if you suffer with sagging tissue

PDO’s are not a new concept to medicine they have been around in plastic surgery, ophthalmology, gynecology and now have been introduced to the aesthetic world and administered by registered nurses and Doctors to make us younger in appearance ! So the body is able to accept them no problem.

PDO Threads involve having the skin numbed and tiny dissolvable threads ( they dissolve after 4-6 months yet leave the plump imprint for 15-24 months) injected in to the skin so that your own collagen can be stimulated to grow around the thread structure – thus creating a more voluptuous and plumped collagen platform than you’d typically make from 25+

The skin becomes smoother, radiant, wrinkles soften and potentially disappear, pores narrow and sagging tissues are strengthened.

I am slightly puffy today but that’s to be expected, there are various types of Threads for different purposes

Some clients from the Clinic have literally had their jawline LIFTED before my eyes- addictive!

There are a few folk who cannot have them:

Pregnancy, blood coagulation disorders. This is all discussed in your consultation.

They cost €350 which in my reckoning is a bargain considering how deep it is working and the longterm repairing benefit it has.

I like the concepts as it involves my own body doing the work

I appreciate this may not be for everybody but I have had requests to share the video and info….

Any questions I can try answer if not I’ll find out from the fabulous Deirdre Power and shall relay back!

Posted by The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock on Friday, 30 October 2015

How does the PDO thread lift work?

The PDO thread lift is scaffolding for the skin – many non-surgical, anti-ageing treatments work the skin’s muscles to make them pop and thus carry any sagged skin back upwards, or work to create rapid cell turnover and boost collagen and elastin. These types of treatments are comparable to having little bits of work done on the house so that its structure remains solid over the years.

The PDO thread lift does these things to, in that it can help to get collagen production going and does oxygenate the skin to keep it looking fresh and glowy. However, the physical lifting done by the treatment is like propping up a leaky roof with a homemade support. You will notice great difference in the short term but it is not a miracle wonder treatment that stops sagging forever.

To be fair, the effects can last for up to two years due to the tension created around the threads, even after they have dissolved.

The nerdie opinion

You will be Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas… BUT the results of PDO thread lifts run rings around botox when it comes to longitivity. The average botox treatment would last you between three to six months, whereas you could get two whole years out of PDO!

You are still injecting synthetics into your face, though, and at present, that is not something I like to do… no judgement or disrespect to those that do!

Environ Ionzyme® DF Facial

The Environ DF Facial uses a plain, featureless white mask to rejuvenate the skin. It is terrifying looking, really.

What is the DF Facial?

The Ionzyme® DF Facial works by using electro-sonic technology, patented to Environ. Environ facials are all about getting as much of their active ingredients, focusing on vitamin A, C & E (if you’re an Environ fan like moiself, you know they include them in a near majority of their products), as deeply into the skin as hoomanly possible.

The DF, which could nearly as easily stand for Doctor Frankenstein, Facial utilises the power of sonophresis AKA sound waves and iontophresis AKA electrical currents to get them actives into the skin…. Can you get more Halloween-y than bats and lightning?! Aaaah!

spooky skincare

How does the DF Facial work?

You know how I’m always talking about the skin’s raincoat? The barrier of the skin that protects it from free radical damage? And how it should NEVER be attacked by granular exfoliants like scrubs because it can damage it? Weeeelll, the electro-sonic powers of the DF Facial helps the active ingredients soak in through that barrier whilst remaining respectful to the skin.

The Environ Professional range is chockful of essential nutrients and vitamins for the skin to boost back up the levels of goodness that can be lost through lifestyle – for example, you can lose vitamin A through sun exposure. The semi-electrocution (not really) of the DF Facial gets these ingredients deep into the skin so that they can act at their top effectiveness on a molecular level, increasing the rate of cell renewal and boosting natural elastin and collagen production.

The DF Facial works magic on scars, marks, pigmentation, ageing skin and even conditions like eczema.

The nerdie opinion

The DF Facial brightens the skin to no end, and you will feel plumper than a ripe pumpkin after it. 100% worth looking like the weird porcelain doll child in a horror film for a face that looks and feels brand new.

The Universal Contour Wrap

scary skincare

Tutankhamun, watch out!! Do you remember him from history class?! The Universal Contour wrap is a nightmare for those who are a) claustrophobic and b) scared of mummies. You are wrapped in clay-soaked bandages and left like that for a full hour… AGHHH!

What is the Universal Contour Wrap?

The Universal Contour Wrap involves being all wrapped up in bandages soaked in Universal Contour Wrap’s signature clay solution and then popping on a vinyl suit to ensure you don’t freeze to death… can you actually imagine lying in a salon in just a bandage on a typical Irish November day? The brand offer a double-guarantee on their claim that it can help you lose six inches in an instant.

How does the Universal Contour Wrap work?

When someone first tells you you can lose six inches off your bodily measurements after an hour, you would look at them and tell them to feck the feck off. It seems like sorcery and even with the explanation of how it works, it stills does.

The special clay they use has Dead Sea extracts, meaning it is filled with bits of dead sea creatures for all intents and purposes. The clay detoxifies the skin and the bandages, having been wrapped around you top to toe, compress the lipoma AKA the layer of fatty tissue directly below the skin.

This compression of the lipoma is what causes you to shed the centimetres around certain points of the body. Unfortunately, you do not get to decide where becomes compressed, so you may go in hoping to lose something off the waist area and drop in the bust region instead. The six inch claim is of six cumulative inches from different points of the body – you will not suddenly become Scarlett Johansson… but with the money some of us would pay for that, someone should get on research and development!

It is not a weight loss method, and Universal Contour Wrap are forthcoming with that from the get go. It is not a permanent solution even if you get it all the time, as your first session will always be the most effective… you can only compress SO much.

The nerdie opinion

I have personally been mummified for the sake of skin science and can vouch that it definitely does work. It is ideal as a quick fix for events at which you would like to appear a teeny bit more streamlined… we are all STUNNING, regardless of size, but if that is your aim, it is a rateable, temporary solution.


Every single one of these treatments, although they may force you to face some of your worst fears, is completely worth it. It seems that the extremes are extreme for a reason and that pushing technology (and science-magic hybrids like the Universal Contour Wrap) rather than solely simple active ingredients could be the way to achieve optimal skin health for anyone and everyone. But don’t worry, you’ll never miss out on the skinny on skincare technology… I will continue doing my duty of spreading that information.

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