What are Skingredients?

Skingredients are the essential ingredients that you’ll find in topical and ingestible skincare. Some are chemical compounds, some are fats that you can find in some of your favourite foods and some are derivatives of natural ingredients.

Have a look at our Skingredients glossary to educate yourself on the very things that are making your serums, cleansers, masques, supplements, eye creams and all else in your routine effective… and the things that may be making your routine ineffective too!

When acids are used in skincare, it doesn’t mean the acids that cartoon villains used to melt through metal…

Learn about different acids in skincare here.

Antioxidants are skingredients that prevent masses of free radicals from causing harm to the skin.

Learn about specific antioxidant skingredients here.

Hydrators are ingredients that boost your skin’s levels of hydration. They’re the tall glass of water that your skin needs to operate at its best.

Learn about hydrators in skincare here.

Peptides are two or more amino acids holding hands! They are like protein jigsaw pieces as when some of them link up, they form different types of proteins.

Learn about peptides in skincare here.

Pigment Police
Pigment police are the skingredients that tackle, target and prevent pigmentation problems.

Learn about pigment police skingredients here.

Proteins make up the majority of the lower layers of the skin, especially collagen and elastin.

Learn about proteins in skincare here.

Vitamins are vitamins, whether they’re found in your diet or in your skincare. Your skin, being an organ, needs vitamins just as much as the rest of you does!

Learn more about vitamins in skincare here.

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