Top 10 Skin Commandments & Skin Sins

Top 10 Skin Commandments

Thou Shalt…

  1. Have had seven hours of rested sleep to maximise the skin’s healing ability
  2. …Drink eight glasses of water to keep the skin well hydrated and healthy
  3. …Avoided processed foods, which affect the body’s – and the skin’s – immunity
  4. Keep your sugar intake low, as too much sugar causes inflammation, and affects the ageing process and the skin’s immunity
  5. …Eat lots of vegetables to feed the skin from within with potent antioxidants to control your ageing rate
  6. …Consume protein to boost collagen in the body
  7. …Gobble good fats, key ingredients for locking in skin hydration and reducing irritation and reactive skin conditions
  8. Avoid caffeine, which increases stress levels and worsens chronic skin conditions
  9. Stub out cigarettes, which decrease the flow of oxygen (affecting tone and pallor) while robbing the body of its vitamin C, an essential nutrient to synthesise collagen
  10. Do enough exercise to promote healthy nutrition and blood flow, and give the skin that highly coveted glow

Top 10 Cardinal Skin Sins

I Shall NOT

  1. …EVER use facial wipes
  2. …Neglect consuming water as I wish to treat my skin from within for optimum results
  3. …Buy products based on their pretty packaging and aromas alone and still expect results!
  4. …Avoid applying SPF and active ingredients all year round; protect and repair is key
  5. …Believe in all mass-marketing campaigns based only on hype
  6. …Buy products because a celebrity adores it, UNLESS I know it will suit my skin
  7. …Self-diagnose – a good consultation with an expert is key
  8. …View skin treatments as a once-a-year treat – they need to mirror a good skin regime at home
  9. …Obsess over my skin
  10. …Forget that the skin is an organ

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