Mineral Makeup Misconceptions

mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is the most beneficial form of makeup for our skin by far. It is as simple as that. I find that when we recommend mineral makeup to people without explaining further, some react like we have asked them to shave off one of their eyebrows.

Having worked with and worn mineral makeup for some years now, I know why people feel like this. Mineral makeup became big at a certain point in the noughties but at the time, there were incredibly limited options. It was powder or nothing and there wasn’t a lot of info surrounding mineral powders at the time either.

Without the knowledge on how to apply it, and without the option of liquid formulations of varying coverage and finishes, mineral makeup may not have suited everyone. I am here to tell you: you can use mineral makeup without looking patchy or oily, it can stay on all day and it can work with acne and oily skin too. It’s a new world out there, hoomans. Buckle up, we’re diving into the misconceptions surrounding mineral makeup and telling you how to make sure mineral makeup will work for you…

Mineral makeup misconceptions

Mineral makeup is drying to the skin

Because the O.G. mineral makeup formulations were nearly solely powder formulations, many assumed that they were only suitable for oily or normal skin types, or for those who don’t love a lot of coverage. Record scratch: many powder foundations have a dewy rather than a matte finish. One of the unique selling points of mineral makeup is that it works well with both very dry skin types and oily skin types.

For the very dry, pure mineral makeup is fab as it doesn’t contain many of the drying ingredients found in high volumes in cosmetic makeup (talc, denatured alcohol and so on). For the oily, mineral makeup adheres to the skin due to our skin’s oils so the pigment works with you rather than against you.  

mineral makeup

Fuschia Mineral Foundation, €28.50 


Following on from that…  

Mineral makeup doesn’t provide enough coverage for acne

When you suffer from acne, congestion or pigmentation, you probably believe that you need full coverage liquid or cream foundation across your whole face. Realistically, you don’t. As Lisa Eldridge has said before, when she works with models with acne or pigmentation, she reminds them that it’s usually never covering as much as your face as you think when you isolate the areas. It’s about building coverage where you need it, which powder mineral foundations are great at as you can just keep buffing more on without the cakeyness you may see with cosmetic foundations.

Even if you’re not convinced by that, there actually are fully mineral full coverage liquid foundations too, such as the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream (€54.00, The Skin Nerd store). Topped with a touch of a mattifying mineral powder, the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream is phenomenal for concealing post-spot marks, redness (it’s slightly yellow-toned to assist with this) and any lumps and bumps.

mineral makeup

There are no truly mineral concealers

mineral makeup

Would you believe we are living in a world that has full coverage, fully mineral concealers that rival any cosmetic concealer? I wouldn’t have believed it either until I met the Fuschia Correct & Perfect Concealer (€16.95, The Skin Nerd store). This magic wand wipes out the shadows under my eyes – I am genetically predisposed to a hollow beneath my eye, which casts a shadow on the undereye area. I was amazed. It’s also fantastic on blemishes of any kind when you blend it in with a fluffy concealer brush.

So, in this circumstance, you can be a sceptic or you can be a winner, like moi.

Mineral makeup isn’t great for those with lines

Once again, it’s the idea of a powder formulation that has led people to believe that it settles into lines. So long as your skin has been prepped and primed with your SPF, moisturiser or primer (we prefer SPF, actually), it won’t settle into your lines. Additionally, if you ensure your skin is well-hydrated, this should be less noticeable – get those omegas in to you and use your hyaluronic acid and ceramide products.

Again though, there are also super hydrating liquid formulas!

Mineral makeup isn’t long-lasting

As mentioned above, minerals adhere to the skin due to the skin’s own oils so sebum (your skin’s oils) are less likely to wear it away than with many cosmetic formulations. Ensuring that your makeup lasts also relies on a number of factors, according to professional makeup artist and expert Nerd Ben: how you’ve prepped your skin, how you’ve finished your skin, the quality of the makeup itself and whether your skin is healthy.

Mineral makeup brands we love

Now that your qualms have been calmed and you’re feeling like maybe it is time to make the switch, you have to find brands that are actually mineral versus those that claim to be mineral but aren’t.

Personally, the mineral makeup brands that we adore, stock and recommend at The Skin Nerd are Fuschia, Jane Iredale and Bellapierre, as they are chalk-free, talc-free and use pure, skin-beneficial minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which also protect the skin from UV rays. Win, win, innit.

Fuschia now even have a fully mineral lipgloss (€13.95, The Skin Nerd store), which means you can wave goodbye to blackheads and whiteheads around your lip-line and provide your lips with antioxidant protection at the same time.  

Want more info on why mineral makeup is so skin beneficial and a personalised recommendation for your skin, plus access to more mineral makeup products?

mineral makeup