Micro Needling – All You Need to Know

Is it all blood and guts? Here’s a treatment rundown from The Skin Gym!


Derma rolling, micro needling, or just needling… they’re all various names for the same professional treatment that aims to help with reduction of scarring and give you youthful and plumped skin with less sagging and pigmentation, and fewer open pores! I honestly believe that this treatment triggers collagen production like no other. Intrigued?

I have chosen to write on this topic since not only is it an amazing treatment that could help many with their typical at-home regimen, but also because I’ve found that many people believe they have had this treatment when in fact – they have not!

It’s worth mentioning is that this treatment is very well established and has been conducted for over 30 years – it is NOT a new treatment, it is clinically proven and tested. This isn’t some skin fad with a questionable background and even more questionable results. Its great results are undeniable if performed by a trained and experienced practitioner and the treatment is available nationwide.

However, it is NOT something you have had done as part of an enjoyable spa day or as a treat for a fun girls’ day out. This treatment definitely wouldn’t be in any spa’s stress relief package. Rather, it is for the serious, dedicated folk who are hungry for true and visable results at a cellular level, aka ME!!

Think weddings. This treatment is ideal for all brides, mothers of the brides, or even grooms. Honestly, anyone who wants ridiculously stunning skin should enquire about this treatment! The results do take time to set in, so the old saying “patience is a virtue” is relevant here, as while it’s a fix, it isn’t a quick fix. It may take up to three to five months for the really long-lasting results to shine through, so proper timing before an event is crucial, although some report noticeable differences within two weeks. The best news has to be that the results last for years! Microneedling is essentially an investment into your skin’s future appearance.

Now that you’ve heard how amazing it is, before you commit to a treatment, I need to warn that it is not a treatment for everyone. Post-treatment downtime is not just a possibility, it’s a guaranteed reality. There are also limitations and medical reasons that may make this treatment unsuitable for you and your skin. A consultation with a trained professional is truly the only way to assess your individual suitability.

This is not something you should have done on a whim, because yes, there is blood involved. To bleed or not to bleed is the controversial question. To clarify, it is not essential that someone bleeds all over! A nice pink hue can be sufficient. However, in my opinion from my experiences over the years, that blood guarantees that a controlled injury and micro-trauma has occurred evenly on the skin. Essentially it’s visual proof of increased collagen and elastin production.

Post-treatment, think no heat, so sweat, no hard work and NO irritation. While the skin is not compromised (unlike some treatments), it ironically appears sunburnt for a day or two. It is of the utmost importance that during this time the skin is protected and fed with sheer goodness to ensure the collagen stimulation process is induced to the MAX! You really want to get the most out of the treatment.

Many people ask me about the treatment protocol so let me give you an insight:


  1. Ideally, prepare the skin beforehand with essential skin ingredients such as Vitamin A, fish oils, and hyaluronic acid to insure the skin is prepped, armed and healthy to guarantee that you’ll receive optimum results. It’s comparable to running a marathon with ZERO training. OUCH!
  2. There is a specific consultation and patch test that should ideally take place 48 hours before you’ve received the actual treatment to determine you as a fit candidate for this, dare I say it, addictive treatment.
  3. The skin will be prepped, numbed with topical anaesthetic and left to sit for typically 30 to 40 minutes.
  4. The implement (yes, it’s a needle!) is introduced to the skin and rolled for approximately 20 minutes.
  5. Afterwards, a mask is applied to cool and calm the area and prevent irritation after the treatment.
  6. Aftercare is as important as the needling phase. No cuddling pets, no heat, sweat or perfumed products for 24 hours at least! Think of your face as being temporarily injured and act accordingly! Think about what kind of care and respect you need to give your skin to reap the best results while it’s healing.


“One week on after my first session I was getting more compliments than I can recall ever having about my skin. I have two more sessions booked and a handful of friends that want to try it too.”

Rachel Roche, Dublin


In short, I could die happy micro needling someone! The results are serious, life changing, rewarding, and addictive. Take pictures before, after, and all the way through to monitor your results! You may be addicted yet!


Jennifer Rock

About Jennifer Rock


  • Elaine Calnan says:

    Hi Jennifer aka skinnerd
    Just want to thank you for all your info and skin is an organ. In November I got a strep throat and as a result I got an outbreak of psiorisos all over and mainly on my scar line from four babies. It was going down but would flare up. So with continuous baths and moisturising along with suu balm that you recommended to me. I felt I needed to help my skin from within as I really was only getting the top layers. So I did juicing for a week to cleanse my organs and to say the difference within three days was amazing that after seven days I feel I’ve only scarring left on my body. So this is thank you to you constantly saying your skin is an organ so treat it like an organ. I should have taken a before and after photo as I started off inflamed and red to healed and skin like a baby. So thank you for all your advise so far.

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Elaine,

      Thank you so much. It’s so nice to hear back from people after giving some advice to see how they got on. It’s great to hear updates from people once they learn their skin is an organ! Best of luck for your skin in the future!

  • Vanessa says:

    I’m two weeks in after my second micro needling session and four more to go, and honestly I can’t see any results it’s so annoying. I dunno if I’m just been impatient. But I really taught I’d see results after the second one, but I’m not a quitter so I’m going to stick it out. So hopefully this time next year I will look 27 instead of 39

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      I can relate to your desire for results! Microneedling is a core treatment in my opinion. Some practitioners offer meso needling as opposed to micro. Just make sure what you’re getting is micro/dermal needling. I’d also suggest you are using vitamin A and vitamin C at home to trigger collagen synthesis. Ideally, upping your internal dosage of vit C, as we need that to create collagen. Also, managing expectations is key! No doubt the clinic is recording your progress on camera. There is also a gestation period involved in this treatment. Meaning patience can be a virtue! It can take up to six months before the fill benefits shine through!

      Hope this helps somewhat!


      • Jade says:

        Hi Jennifer,

        I have been advised not to take any vitamin A topically or orally for at least 3 week prior to microneedling. What do you suggest?


  • Eilish says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I would love to try micro needling but I suffer from keloid scarring so am afraid. Thankfully I don’t have scars on my face. Do you recommend if someone with keloid scarring should stay away from this treatment?


    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Eilish,

      It’s a tough one. Some companies will say not to try the treatment and others will say do. Because of your tendency for scarring, I would err on the side of caution, to be honest. And I would consider looking into getting a Radiofrequency treatment.

      • Eilish Mulhern says:

        Great thanks Jennifer! Will definitely look into that. Took all you advice on board sine Pippa’s fashion factory and have seen such an improvement in my skin. thanks so much! Love the new website. Best of luck with everything Xxx

  • Deirdre says:

    Hi Jennifer can u recommend anyone in cork that carries out this micro needling? Thanks

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Deirdre,

      It’s a tough one. The brand I most recently worked with is Genosys. This number, (01) 832 1412, will have a list of all of their stockists and their locations. Hope this helps. Happy needling!

  • Áine says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am almost finished up my 6 month treatment on Roaccutaine (HALLELUJAH). I still have scarring on my cheeks from years back. Do you think micro-needling would be suitable for this or do you think it’ll go down eventually because of my course on Roaccutaine? Also, as I am a part time working student, are there any other less expensive treatments you could suggest?

    Much love,
    Áine X

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Aine,

      Congratulations on your improvement! I sure you’re glad that you’re almost over! Regarding scarring, that’s actually a separate issue to acne, and while treating your acne can help prevent future scarring, it won’t make any current scarring disappear. Treatment wise, I would suggest looking into either IPL or microneedling, as I’ve seen a lot of success with those. I understand that you’re, probably, on a budget though, so would recommend The Ordinary skincare range for homecare.

  • Sabrina Hawkins says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Could you recommend any clinics in the cork or Dublin area which carry out micro-needling. With so many options available it’s difficult to choose a clinic that will give good results. Thank you

    Sabrina X

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Sabrina,

      I don’t really know Cork, but I do know Dublin. In that area, I would highly recommend either Renew Clinic or Rennaisance. Those are two that I visit regularly!

  • Kathy says:

    What size needle should we look out for?

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Great question! 1mm is the medically defined length required for it to be called medical/dermal needling.

  • Cat says:

    Microneedling at home? What’s the verdict on this as I’ve just recently noticed alot of the equipment can be bought on amazon and there are loads of “tutorials” on YouTube!

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Cat,

      Strictly, microneedling can’t actually be just performed at home by anyone, as you actually need insurance to do it. I don’t really agree with them being sold via Amazon if they are. However, botox is sold online!! However, cosmetic/homerolling I do agree with under the right circumstances and under the right brands.

  • Sophie says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m looking into starting home-rolling but there are so many brands out there at such a range of prices.
    I don’t want to get a cheap one to use on my skin but I’m not sure what i should be looking for or what brands are good!
    Is there any chance you could point me in the right direction!
    I don’t have major skin issues just want to improve all over skin health!
    I also don’t want to ask brands themselves I’m afraid they’ll just convince me regardless to buy theirs!

    Thanks 🙂


    Hi Jennifer
    I’m 2 sessions Into my micro needling journey my Down time is a good few days I was planning g on doing one more in 3 weeks and then taking a break until October (hat n Scarf weather to hide my face) . Do you think the break in my 6 session treatment plan will affe t my end results? Should I just stick at it now??

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Denise, I’d suggest discussing it with whomever is carrying out the microneedling on you as they will have seen your skin and see your results so far! x

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    What would the estimated cost of skin needling be?

    Many thanks

  • Jennt Skelly says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I was wondering would you recommend micro needling or dermapen? is there much difference for the skin with derma?

    Thanks a mill

    • Jennifer Rock says:

      Hi Jenny, Dermapen is like Hoover and vacuum as it is a brand of microneedling! Home rolling, however, is different. x

  • Niamh Darcy says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Do you reccomend having Microneedling using the Roller or the Pen method. Im really Intrigued to see what method you feel is
    best and more productive?

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