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We’re officially into Seachtain na Gaeilge! If you are a non-Irish reader, for the period between the 1st of March and St. Patrick’s day, we celebrate our native language of Irish and all things Ireland and we call this Seachtain na Gaeilge, which translates to Irish Week. Admittedly, not the most daring of titles but it gets the job done.

In honour of this fabulous celebratory time for all things Irish, this week’s article is about my favourite Irish skincare brands. Skincare is one thing that Ireland is acing at the moment and I’m not saying that out of bias. It’s about time I share my favourite Irish brands with the masses! Without further ado…



Bet you didn’t expect this – a fake tan brand! I have some good reasoning behind it. TanOrganic, as a self-tanning product, is skin-friendly and gives back to the skin. Their tans are rich in aloe vera, which soothes and hydrates the skin, and I adore how they have different formulations.

TanOrganic was founded by Noelle O’Connor, whose background is as a beauty therapist and lecturer, and the brand operates out of Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

irish skincare brands

My nerdie product pick: TanOrganic Self Tan Mousse (€29.99). This is what I’m using at the moment and it’s just a breeze to work with. Slap it on, no digestive-biscuit scent, no streaks and natural-looking – it’s a yes from me (and I have been called the Simon Cowell of skincare).


Pestle & Mortar

Pestle & Mortar has honestly shot up in popularity and is much beloved by skincare gurus the world over. It was started by Kildare’s Sonia Deasy – what is in the water in Kildare?! Sonia was working alongside her husband Padraic Deasy, who is an international photographer, and realised that his subjects’ skin looked so dry and dehydrated up close. This is how the creation of Pestle & Mortar came about, as Sonia decided to take the creation of simple products that help the skin into her own hands with the help of her sister, who has a degree in biochemistry.

A fun tidbit about Pestle and Mortar’s eye cream: Sonia is of Indian descent, which, as you may know, means she is more prone to pigment-related dark circles. Because of this, she was driven to formulate an eye cream that makes a visible difference to dark circles. This is how the Recover Eye Cream came into being. My mammy says she has seen a noticeable difference whilst using it, and there is no greater praise than a mammy’s praise.

irish skincare brands

My nerdie product pick: Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum (€43.00). We used this bad boy at London Fashion Week and it really is just beautifully formulated.


Human + Kind

Human + Kind is from County Cork, bai, and it is exactly what it says on the tin: human and kind. The brand pride themselves on being ethical towards the environment, gentle on the skin and real.

Personally, I am a massive fan of their body products. They have a shower mousse, for God’s sake, a shower MOUSSE. Is there anything more luxurious whilst having those lovely 10 minutes to yourself than lathering yourself up in a strawberry-scented mousse?

irish skincare brandsMy nerdie product pick: Body Wash in Orange (€8.25) because it makes all of my showers a fanta-sea.



Some have a narrow view on what can count as skincare but Waxperts fits the bill in more ways than one, as if you’re gonna be waxing, you should be having it done in a skin-friendly way. Waxperts was founded by Ellen Kavanagh and started as a salon in Dun Laoghaire (which is still around, of course), moving on to become a major supplier for waxers across the country, creating a range of waxes and pre and post-wax products.

irish skincare brands

My nerdie product pick: Waxperts Wonder Pads (€9.99) as this product is not just for ingrown hairs after hair removal, it is a zapper for spots, insect bites, keratosis pilaris… if it’s a bump, you can Wonder Pad it. It is packed full of salicylic acid, which penetrates into the pore and dissolves oil.



Kinvara’s focus is skin confidence and helping people to feel good about their skin. That’s a philosophy I can get behind. It was founded in eponymous Kinvara, Co. Galway, by Joanne Reilly, who comes from a natural science background and has a doctorate in tropical ecology (not necessarily a skin fact, just interesting to know). Kinvara are focused on using plant-based ingredients to their best advantage and all of their products are cruelty-free and do not contain any animal ingredients.

irish skincare brands

My nerdie product pick: Kinvara Omega Rich Hand and Nail Cream (€15.95). This hand cream contains jojoba oil alongside other oils to boost the skin’s barrier. When your barrier has a helping hand, you’re less likely to suffer from the dryness associated with blustery winds and cold air. It also contains vitamin E, as your hands need antioxidant protection just as much as the rest of you does!


Seavite is another brand of Galwegian origin. Patterns, patterns everywhere! Dr. Patrick Mulrooney, the father of the Doctors Mulrooney, was a marine scientist who saw the effects of the seawater on his girls’ eczema when they holidayed in the West of Ireland every year. He decided to work marine botanicals into a formulation to provide relief to his daughters.

Nowadays, Seavite is run by Dr. Katherine and Dr. Jane Mulrooney, who studied in clinical dermatology. These two fabulous women infuse marine botanicals with innovative skincare ingredients to create soothing products that also work to reverse the signs of ageing!

irish skincare brands

My nerdie product pick: Seavite Super Nutrient Intense Body Moisture Cream (€27.50). I adore this cream as a luxury treat-type product and it makes a wonderful gift. It nourishes like a dream, due to the avocado oil, shea butter, vitamin E, marine minerals and seaweed extract. It is softening, hydrating and vitamin E is a potent antioxidant too!

These are only some of the Irish brands I adore. The full list of my favourite Irish skincare brands would probably be pages long and I wouldn’t subject anyone to that. With the week that’s in it (ie. International Women’s Day AND Mother’s Day), note that the founders of these companies are predominantly women. It is clearly the rise of Irish businesswomen in the beauty industry, if not industry in general – think Chupi Sweetman-Pell of Chupi, Pippa O’Connor of POCO and the Pippa Collection and Ruth Monahan of Appassionata Flowers. I hope everyone is as ready to embrace it as wholeheartedly as I am!

Naturally, both The Skin Nerd online skin consultancy (and cosmeceutical department store) and the Cleanse Off Mitt makeup removal tool are Irish through and through. If you’re interested in having a consult with our team of Nerdettes and becoming a member of the Nerd Network, click here.

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    Hi I’m a total skincare junkie and My friend is going to Ireland this Friday what fabulous product can she brung me back ! I have 50 year old sun damaged skin. Grateful !