The Nerdie Guide On Gifting Skincare For Christmas

By December 6, 2017Products

It may seem a bit early to start Christmas shopping, but to some, it’s a bit late! Not only do you have the day itself to shop for, but office kris kindle, pre-Christmas meet ups with old friends and those poor hoomans with December birthdays. Skincare can be an excellent gift for a loved one who cares about their skin health and not just the aesthetics of it all, and can also be a fabulous alternative to buying yet another palette for the beauty-obsessed in your household.

The problem is that not all skincare is for Christmas (some skincare is for life) and everybody’s skin is unique and thus has different needs. So, how does one navigate the department store aisles and the salons when looking for skincare gifts?

When Gifting Skincare, Look For Good Value Gift Sets

Gift sets are often viewed as the lazy route to Christmas shopping, but I tend not to agree. The days of Lynx/Impulse/Charlie Girl body kits are gone, and gift sets have become a much more elegant affair. You can get literally anything in a gift set nowadays and brands have adapted the model so that you are getting maximum bang for your buck.

The Clarins Double Serum Edit Set is bound to be a huge seller this year… who doesn’t want Double Serum under the tree?! I am a huge fan of this serum, as it is both lipidic and hydric, meaning that it hydrates the skin with both oil and water and it is packed with plant extracts and antioxidants. The Double Serum Edit Set contains the Double Serum (30ml), Instant Eye Make-up Remover and Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, and comes in a sparkly, sequinned bag. The set costs €73.99… the Clarins Double Serum (30ml) costs €72 on its own. For an extra €1.99, you get the two other products and the bag. Wehoooo!

gifting skincare

There are plenty of skincare sets for the masculine hooman in your life too – men should no longer be receiving drying, sensitising shaving cream sets on Christmas morning! The Yon-ka For Men Gift Set (€66.50) contains the Yon-ka For Men Foam Gel and the Yon-ka For Men Nutri-Moist, which energises the skin and protects it as it is packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Avoid High-Potency Products

There are some active ingredients that suit many different skins (AKA glycolic acid or lactic acid). However, it is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to gifts. Yes, your salicylic-based cleanser does wonders for you, eradicates all blemishes, mops up all of your excess oils and leaves you feeling angelic… but if you gift the same cleanser to your normal-to-dry-skinned Auntie Paula, it could dehydrate her skin, leaving it tight, red and flakey, and she will not be sending you over any leftover tiramisu on Stephen’s Day.

You need to avoid ingredients that are known to irritate some skin types, as you cannot know what irritates someone’s skin and you cannot know whether they will have a reaction or not. You know your brother very well, but how well do you know his skin?

What this means is that you have to be wary about ingredients in the gifts you plan on buying. Not all but many salons and stores are trying to sell you the most expensive thing, even if it is not the most appropriate skincare gift. For example, Environ AVST 1 is the thing I recommend to everyone (as I believe it is suitable for the vast majority of people), but it can only be retailed alongside a consult for the purpose of ensuring that if a problem is encountered, it can be solved with the help of the therapist or consultant.

The solution to this is to buy someone a voucher for a consult and give them the value of the product you think they may like. If the consultant or therapist deems that they should not be using the product, they can use the money on a different product that WILL suit them and nobody is left high and dry.

gifting skincare

If you are interested in booking a consultation for a friend, family member or significant other, here is the link to book them in for one with one of our Nerdettes: . A consultation with us is not only a consult; myself and the Nerdettes are with you every step of the journey towards optimum skin health, and unlimited follow-up consultations are included in the initial €50 cost. It is like wrapping a personal skin expert in a bow!

Opt for Things Like Cleansers, Oils, Moisturisers, SPFs and Masks

You are usually safe buying someone a cleanser, especially those that aren’t highly active. If you are going to buy someone a cleanser, cater it to their skin concerns rather than anything else (ie. because it is the “it” product of the year, or because it is sponsored by a celeb). For example, if you are buying a cleanser for someone with mature skin, opt for a cleanser that will nourish the skin with antioxidants and peptides.

Oils, moisturisers and creams make great gifts as their primary roles are to help to hydrate the skin, protect it and provide comfort. The Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil (€79.70) is excellent for a quick boost of hydration and to give the skin a dewy finish, and so it is ideal as a present for someone with dry or dehydrated skin!

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I am aware that receiving an SPF for Christmas may not be the most exciting thing in the world but it certainly is a practical gift and what you are telling the recipient is that you care about them being protected from future damage. As they say, it is the thought that counts. SPF is a safe bet to buy someone for Christmas, and many people do not treat themselves to a nice one – this is your opportunity to upgrade them!

When buying someone a mask, think hydrating, soothing and relaxing. For this reason, I’d recommend Seoulista Beauty Super Hydration Instant Facial Sheet Mask (€8.99), as it instantly boosts the skin, making it supple, soft and plump, and is a fabulous stocking filler!

All About The Body

There is something so nice about receiving a high-quality body cream or lotion for Christmas. We often neglect the skin on our bodies as our face is the part that people see everyday. When shopping for lotions, potions and body butters, avoid things that include irritating fragrance ingredients, often listed as “parfum”. These type of fragrances photosensitise the skin, making it more susceptible to damage caused by light. Instead, choose something that smells good due to the natural ingredients it includes (ie. sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter). The classic Kiehl’s Creme de Corps (€31.50) makes the skin feel absolutely buttery, and even comes in a smaller size for only €10.00 so it can be used as a stocking filler! Just remember, in general, smells don’t change cells.

gifting skincare

Stocking Filler Ideas

I’ve already mentioned that sheet masks and mini products are handy ways to fill them stockings, but there are so many little things that can really brighten up a Christmas morning that many do not think of.

A fancy lip balm is an ideal way to bulk up a gift and everyone needs a lip balm – those lips have skin too!

The Cleanse Off Mitt (€5.95) is a perfect stocking filler to go alongside a cleanser, as then you have given the gift of double-cleansing!

A nice hand cream can be a saviour and is a practical gift for all.

If you’re in doubt as to whether a particular product will suit someone’s skin, don’t buy it! Buying someone skincare is such a gesture but in the end, general skin health is what is most important and it is not worth it to possibly endanger it!

Happy skincare gifting to all and I hope you make it through the throngs unharmed!