LED Facial

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is otherwise known as light therapy without any light damage or sensitivity to the sun. It looks like a sunbed but this is where the similarities end. A relatively new concept on Irish shores, these devices are used in clinics, salons and hospitals worldwide. LED works on the premise that living cells can absorb light, yet it operates from a different part of the light spectrum than day/sunlight and so is of benefit to the skin as opposed to detrimental. Red, blue and infra-red light have been clinically proven to benefit ageing, acne, serotonin, Vitamin D, and skin health. It has become a popular treatment, thanks to Kim Kardashian (of course!) sporting a mask infused LED light device on social media. It is a stand-alone treatment for all skin conditions but is often added on to the tail end of a treatment to accelerate results.

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