Using Your The Skin Nerd Online Skin Consultation E-Voucher

The Skin Is An Organ; Respect It Accordingly.

That is our philosophy here at The Skin Nerd online skin consultancy. Our online consultation process allows us to evaluate your skin, its past, its present and your future goals for it, to come up with a tailor-made and accessible plan of action for you. We operate on a 360˚approach, meaning that the products that we recommend for you will assist your skin from the inside (nutritional supplements), on the outside (cosmeceutical and cosmetic skincare) and on top (mineral makeup).

What Are The Skin Nerd Online Skin Consultations?

Your initial thirty minute consult with one of our highly-trained and personable Nerdettes (AKA nerdie skin analysts) is conducted through the magic of the internet using WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype.

After your initial consultation and when you are an active client with us, you can book in for as many follow-up consultations as you need and you will automatically become a member of the Nerd Network, which gives you access to our client-exclusive Facebook page and newsletter, extra skinformation, offers and events. 

Who Are The Nerdettes?

The Nerdettes are our team of highly experienced skin experts who are trained extensively and regularly in all of the brands we work with and who believe wholeheartedly in all of the philosophies of The Skin Nerd.

They provide professional and impartial advice and explain why they are recommending what they are recommending. It is one thing to know you should be putting a product on your skin – it is another thing entirely to know why. This is why education is the key focus of our Nerdettes.

Your Nerdie Products

Once you have had your consult and have been sent your homework sheet, which is where the Nerdettes document which products you should be using and when, your products will be tagged for you on The Skin Nerd online cosmeceutical store, exclusive to our clients. 

We stock over 30 brands on our store, including IMAGE Skincare, Yon-ka, Murad, Environ, Skinceuticals, Moogoo, Jane Iredale and many, many others!

How To Redeem Your E-Voucher

To book in using your e-voucher, use your unique certificate code when making your booking through the calendar at

As you can see in the image below, you simply click the “Redeem Coupon or Gift Certificate” button above “Pay Now” when making your booking.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or questions about making your booking, about our online consultations or about anything else, you can email us at or give us a buzz at +35315649362.

Our Nerdettes are looking forward to meeting you!