Day To Night Skincare: How To Prep Your Skin In The Office

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day to night skincare

I find that when I am in the office, or, as I am more commonly, out of office at meetings all day, by the end of it my skin is in no fit state to have a simple makeup top-up. As someone prone to oiliness, sometimes I will have a gentle film of oil across my skin which is easily combatted by a Spritz O’Clock… However, I can’t bring myself to apply new makeup over the layer of sebum, bacteria and pollution particles that have accumulated on my face throughout the day and as anyone who is a little bit Type A knows, fresh makeup just sits better.

It’s easy to know what you should use in the morning and in the evening… But how much of your skincare regime should you be using when it comes to any other time?! You know to skip your night cream but what is going to give you a cleansed, mattified, makeup-ready visage?

Sigh no more. Here’s how to go from grungy to glam in 2 minutes flat…

Day to night skincare: steps to prep

Step 1: Remove your old makeup with the Cleanse Off Mitt

You ain’t going nowhere without a pre-cleanse but the idea of bringing a messy balm or oil into the office bathroom is not appealing. That awkward moment when you have to wipe your shmears of mascara from the sink… The Cleanse Off Mitt (€5.95, available on The Skin Nerd store) takes the fuss out of pre-cleansing and can even be done one-handedly whilst telling your supervisor that you will absolutely have that done by Monday.

day to night skincare

Wet the mitt with lukewarm water and gently glide it over your face and eyes. Et voilá, step one is complete as soon as it started. We never recommend tugging at your skin but it is especially important not to do it when you’re trying to look like a flawless supermodel straight after. For those with slightly more sensitive, pale, Celtic skin, physical contact like this can cause redness, if only temporarily.

Step 2: Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

If you are oily or spot-prone, opt for something with oil-reducing salicylic acid like IMAGE Clear Cell Clarifying Cleanser (€36.00, available to Nerd Networkers). If you are normal to dry-skinned, opt for something light that will cleanse the skin without dehydrating it, such as the Biofresh Probiotic Ultra Delicate Cleansing Milk (€18.00, available to Nerd Networkers). Probiotics balance the skin and there is nothing in this cleanser that will cause any dryness or flaking so it’s especially ideal before applying a fresh coat of paint.

To make it super quick, apply the cleanser directly to the clean side of your Cleanse Off Mitt, gently massage it in and then rinse it off gently but thoroughly with the other side of the Cleanse Off Mitt.

Step 3: Vitamin A, if you’re using it

When it comes to the Nerd Network, our fabulous community of clients, the common question is whether to reapply your vitamin A (Environ Skin EssentiA AVST) when doing small top-ups throughout the day, such as when you’re going out or after the gym. It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t reapply it, as you will be putting it on again at night regardless, however, we’d tend to say the more A, the better.

Apply it straight after cleansing and do not fret about “allowing it time to settle”. If your products are still damp on your face after the next step, this is when you can give it some time to sink in. Usually, when I apply mine, I mix it in with numerous serums like a skin witch and put them all on together. Time poor yet skin health rich!

Step 4: All about that base

When we’re applying our products before bed, the texture and appearance of the final product on our skin doesn’t truly matter as nobody will be seeing us so most of us are happy to go to bed with a slightly gloopier appearance.

In this circumstance, we want our skin to hold on to our makeup and for our makeup to sit but not settle so we need a product that will hydrate the surface layers of the skin without providing slip whilst giving a “filled pores” appearance. A tough ask, and realistically, something that fills our pores may be something that clogs them, creating congestion.

A skincare product that many makeup-obsessives adore as a base for their foundation and complexion products is the Murad Hydrodynamic Ultimate Moisture (€69.50, available to Nerd Networkers). It feels like silk on the skin due to the inclusion of nutrient-rich avocado and sunflower oils as well as super nourishing shea butter. Of course, there is also some hyaluronic acid in there in the form of sodium hyaluronate to plump the skin.

day to night skincare

If you prefer a matte-matte-matte effect, the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 (€70.00, available to Nerd Networkers) is where skincare and makeup meet as it is a primer-meets-SPF. It creates a non-oily, poreless layer on the skin, making it ideal as a precursor to a foundation. It will lock it on to your skin too and doesn’t have the “flashback” that you sometimes get from SPFs under makeup due to it being clear (yes, a clear SPF exists).

Step 5: You’re ready to pop that makeup on

Go ahead and doll yourself! If you want something skin-friendly, you want non-comedogenic, pure, antioxidant and non-drying mineral makeup. There are heaps of misconceptions about mineral makeup out there: it isn’t full coverage, it won’t suit oily skin, it won’t cover spots, it is best for mature skin… The truth is that mineral makeup brands have multiple formulations to suit everyone and that your classic mineral powder is actually incredibly versatile. It’s about using a stippling brush and building it up slowly, layer by layer, and focusing on areas that need more coverage.

In terms of brands, I adore Jane Iredale and Bellapierre and we are bringing Fuschia and GloMinerals to The Skin Nerd store in January so that we have tonnes of variety, shades, finishes and levels of coverage.  

Finish it off with a Spritz O’Clock that will remove any powderiness, help to set the mineral makeup and bring out its true colour and hydrate the skin. A personal favourite is the Yon-Ka Lotion (€32.00, on The Skin Nerd store) or the Eau Thermale Avène (€14.99, coming soon to The Skin Nerd store).

Step 6: Finishing touches

Don’t forget about that body-ody-ody. Bra straps rubbing against you, chunky Winter layers and handbags mean that your skin may lose hydration and lustre throughout the day so when you’re whipping the trousers off for the sake of a leather mini, you could need a helping hand to take your skin back to its former glory. A dry body oil is key for this as it doesn’t leave grease on the skin yet brings a subtle sheen. TanOrganic Multi-Use Moisturising Dry Oil (€24.99) is my current go-to. I pop it along my décolletage, glide it on my collarbones and shimmy it up my shin bones for J-Lo level glamour.

day to night skincare

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day to night skincare