Have you ever thought of investing in an electrical toothbrush? If so, the thought of an automated deeper cleanse with a Clarisonic might appeal to you too!

The renowned Clarisonic concept is incomparable in the skin world. It is a battery operated/rechargeable vibrating brush designed for the face and/or body. They vibrate at exceptionally high speeds, with back and forth motions, 300 oscillations every second. This is specific to Clarisonic, meaning it is more forgiving and less irritating than other brands in the same sector. The Clarisonic is a whirling electrical head that promises to remove all debris thoroughly and six times more effectively than manual removal, ie hands-on cleansing removal. This claim has been tested on 38 subjects over an eight-week period.

A Clarisonic is used with a cleanser – The brand offers its own range of products that are approved to be used alongside the device, but a typical cream cleanser or gel lubricant can work just as efficiently.

There are now several other brands of facial cleansing brushes on the market; however, the Clarisonic is the equivalent of the hoover in the vacuum cleaner market! These brushes are now a core concept and a staple piece with many beauty editor’s skin regimes worldwide. Using one is a personal choice, as the same end point can be achieved with a faceloth (or mitt!) and a granular scrub. However, I do believe with an investment piece such as the Clarisonic, you may find you allocate more time and pay more attention to the nooks and crannies of the face!

Personally I endorse the concept; my only fear is that people will over-use it and not change the heads regularly, therefore spreading bacteria and turning the device into an unhygienic breeding ground.

I would suggest using the device every few nights as opposed to nightly if you have sensitive and reactive skin.

Clarisonic.com has a quick quiz you can take to determine which head is more favourable toward your particular skin query.

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