Skin Consultation Online

Team Nerd and the Nerdettes are here to create a tangible skin health programme for your concerns …. we would love to invite you to our skin programme of skin health.

The objective of a detailed tailor-made Nerd consult is to decipher your skin’s past, present and future plans.
We are unbiased and work with a minimum of 30 active dermatologically approved brands to ensure your skin health programme starts today.

We wish to offer a comprehensive informative session which will educate you and highlight the various brands that can assist your skin. We do not believe that one brand has all of the answers and so we recommend across the board. Our team is the most dedicated, highly trained analysts in Ireland and we maintain that standard with pride. We are honest and approachable nerds, conscious of budget and time. We are dedicated to assisting and support you along your personal skin health journey. Our core concept is ‘the skin is an organ, respect it accordingly’, and that is precisely what we do – daily. Thousands have benefitted from our expert advice, we hope to include you amongst them.



Skin consult is €50


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